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Dear Seeker of Greater Success,

Before a person can ever hope to attain real greatness, they must first understand that "one is too small a number to be great". 

In other words, it's next to impossible for one mind -- one person -- operating alone to reach the level of success, wealth, achievement, accomplishment, or greatness that two minds working together can.  For example:

  1. By interacting with a partner who thinks powerfully, who thinks creatively, who thinks success, achievement, accomplishment, and greatness, you begin to absorb that same nature into yourself.
  2. Two minds operating harmoniously in a unified direction will always have more power and more energy than will a single mind.
  3. One person operating alone will always encounter more setbacks and more problems than will the person the person who has a supportive partner to help them minimize errors and maximize correct thought and action.
  4. Greater success requires that one first go through a transformation.  Because it's so hard for one to "see themselves", it's difficult indeed for anyone to successfully transform when operating solo.
  5. Two minds working together can always achieve and accomplish faster than can one mind working alone.

In simple terms, it's the additional knowledge, experience, education, ability, expertise, ideas, and imagination of a supportive, caring partner combined with your own that lets you attain the success, achievement, accomplishment, and greatness you want in the shortest time possible.Christian Mastermind

What Is A Mastermind?

This blending of two individual minds to create a greater, more powerful, more successful whole is called a MASTERMIND and the person you mastermind with is your MASTERMIND PARTNER.

The fact that you're here indicates that at some level, you're already aware of just how it is important for you to have a mastermind partner in order to accelerate the transition from where you are right now to where you want to be.

Literally, having a mastermind partner is the secret behind gaining personal advantages and leveraging unseen opportunities that you would otherwise never have. 

So clearly, masterminding is an important key to your success.

Who Do You Christian Mastermind With?

And, if you're like many people, you'd love to reap the benefits of masterminding...IF YOU COULD JUST FIND SOMEONE TO MASTERMIND WITH.

Therein lies the obstacle to masterminding for many people -- and maybe it's the same for you...

Perhaps there's no one in your network of acquaintances that you believe is qualified to be your mastermind partner. 

Or, if you do know someone who's qualified, they're not interested in helping you reach your success because they're too busy pursuing or increasing their own success.

If either of these obstacles apply to you, then you'll be excited about what I've done...

Because so many people come to me wanting strong mentoring, I've created what I call a "MASTERMINDING UNIT" so that anyone can get the exact level of assistance they want in attaining greater success and wealth in their life.

Specifically, a "Masterminding Unit" is an up-front 30-minute orientation session followed by two full, solid hours of masterminding -- and you decide, based on your particular situation, how you want to divide up the two hours.  You can choose:

  • One 2-hour session
  • Two 1-hour sessions
  • Four 30-minute sessions
  • Eight 15-minute sessions

However you divide it up, masterminding is how you reach that level of success, wealth, achievement, and accomplishment that you really want, that you dream about.

For two and a half hours, we will focus fully and solely on YOU attaining greater success and greater wealth.  There will be no wasted time.  There will be no fluff talk or idle chit-chat.  Your mastermind sessions are all business -- intently and intensely focused upon YOU attaining YOUR dreams.

And, you're in control.  After you've used up your "Masterminding Unit", you can get another one at your discretion.

Now, having said all this, I only offer this opportunity to mastermind with me to a certain kind of must be a Christian who desires to have more and be more so that you can do more in the Kingdom of God.  Only if this is true will I agree to be your mastermind partner.

What's A Christian Mastermind Like?

Also, I've got to tell you, if you've never participated in Christian Masterminding before, you cannot even imagine how refreshing, uplifting, and exciting it is to finally have someone who is really on your side, someone who is genuinely as concerned and excited about your success as they are their own. 

You cannot even imagine how wonderful it is to step out of the competitive world where people everywhere are pushing others down and walking on others in order to lift themselves up and into a Godly, creative world where I personally am helping you to create greater and greater success and wealth in YOUR life.

It's just something you have to experience for yourself to understand what it's like.

So, you have right now, the chance to mastermind with the founder of Millionaires For Jesus so that YOU can gain access to your higher greatness faster.

Just click this button:

Mastermind with Lane

Do You Have These Questions?

Now, if you haven't already made up your mind, let me answer three common questions…

1. “Lane, do you have a Mastermind group that you currently meet with on a regular basis?

As it pertains to me personally, I mastermind virtually every day with two separate individuals – both of which are excellent individuals that I hand-picked from my audience and invited them to mastermind with me personally.

Beyond that, see the next question…

2. “Or, do you only mastermind with people one-on-one?

I’ve proven through experience that when it comes to individual success, the ideal mastermind group size is 2 – 3 people.


Well, for a mastermind group to work the way it’s supposed to, all parties have to get a win out of it.

So, if you have a larger group of people – let’s say its 10 people – and you mastermind for an hour, you would only get 1/10th of the time devoted to you and your situation.

That’s just enough time to get you frustrated because so much help is available to you but you aren’t getting enough time and attention for it to be worthwhile – the time is spread too thin and you’re left feeling cheated and short-changed.

Conversely, if it’s just you and another person, you’d get ½ of the time devoted to you and your success which means you get to devote significant time to your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Or, as it pertains to masterminding with me, you get the full amount of time devoted to you and your specific situation.

So again, when it comes to your individual success, you want meaningful time and attention devoted to just you – that’s why I offer one-on-one masterminding.

In different terms, a large mastermind group isn’t really a mastermind group – it’s a “networking” group.

There’s certainly a time and place for that kind of group too – just not when you’re looking for personalized attention and help.

3. “Also do you have some testimonials from people that have worked with you in the past?

Here’s a testimonial for you:

“I’ve privately masterminded with Lane for several years now. Over the course of that time, I’ve learned that when it comes to clerical-level details, somebody better check his work because he probably missed something. That doesn’t matter to me though because I’ve also learned that when it comes to insight into making money, creating success, and creative-strategic thinking, there are few people who can operate and produce at the level that Lane does. In fact, masterminding with Lane is like tapping into the brain-power of 3 – 4 people simultaneously. Bluntly, Lane is one of my “secret weapons” and anyone who is able to get some of his brain-power directed towards them should consider themselves very fortunate indeed.” -- Bill Bartmann, Self-Made Billionaire

Mastermind with Lane

Peace, Love, and Blessings,
Christian Mastermind

PS: One of the key secrets to attaining the success, achievement, accomplishment, and greatness that you want in the shortest time possible is this: get yourself a mastermind partner now!

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